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"I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summers night."


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

S$38000 for 31 times of sex!

Read this piece of hilarious article two days back from The New Paper, i will briefly touch on what it said -

"A Malaysian woman was awarded RM$87000 (S$38000) by the Ipoh court because her partner had broken his promise to marry her.
She had sex with the guy 31 times as she believed that he wanted to marry her.
She METICULOUSLY kept records of where and how many times they had sex!!!
Guy insist that they were only friends!"

So never ever break your promise to marry a gal, thinking that you can use the sacred name of LOVE to get into her holey grail!
Never ever do that !

But this came as a big surprise to me, I am still wondering how an Islamic country like Malaysia will push out a sentence of this sort, for a moment i thought only the US of A gives out such controversial sentence ? hmmmm...

So gals, it makes sense to remember (and take down) the number of times and where you had sex with the guy, maybe you will get more other than the sex! (ok i am KIDDING here! so please FORGET this part! ) =P

Thursday, May 31, 2007

No bra day with the muttons~

Believed many of you should have heard about this programme by now.
If not basically this is a radio programme, and AFAIK so far, the FHM GND finalists had participated in it before.
Taking off their bra in the show LIVE, seeing which gal has the fastest pair of hairs!
Of course to protect their modesty, all other clothings remain! No nudity! =)

Read in the papers today that the programme was fined for its contents.
So called lewd and low-class, without taste, etc.

Whether you like it or not, sex and nudity is nothing new to the current generation.

Premarital sex ? TICKED.
Fuck Buddy ? TICKED
*Threesome ? TICKED
*Orgy ? TICKED
*Gangbang ? TICKED

*=not for me though.. =/

It is not something astonishing if someone you knew had experience in all the above.
I myself did not! haha.
But I know of friends that been there done that.

So stop acting like some holy motherfuckers~ and pretend that you are so innocent and pure!
Face the reality mates!
This is the CURRENT Singapore.

So what's with the "No Bra Day" fine ? I don't get it... Its nothing astonishing... ain't it ?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

87 wat ?

"It takes 87 different biochemical reactions to occur in the brain before our knobs start to rise."

Now I think that's simply amazing~!
87 reactions to happen within mere seconds for Mr Dicky to rise to the occasion~

It might not amaze you guys, but it does amaze me!

Just like how some girls hate blow jobs, how some guys hate going down south~!
Same kinda thing~ =)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines~

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to everyone!
For those that's attached/married, may the relationship last, and you guys and gals get to have many more 14th Feb to come =)
For those that's single like me, work hard in your career!
Get far, get high, get rich, make yourself useful, indispensable!
These are the stuffs that are of real substance, love can be so brittle sometimes...
While you are still young, get a grip on life and take a good stride, love will come eventually.

Come to think of it, for the past few years, important occasions/days are usually spent alone or with my guy friends.
No girls.
No sex.
OMG! WTF! How can this be ???????? (why can't?) LOL

okok, so who wanna be my valentine? =p

once again, Happy St Valentine's Day!

signing off,

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mr Warming and Miss Tingling~

Durex Play Warming Lubricant ™ is a Gentle and non sticky
Pleasure-enhancing lubricant. It's transparent and odourless and is Water-based so it doesn't leave stains.

Durex Play Warming Lubricant create a warming sensation that will immediately heighten sensitivity. Blow, and it'll gently heat your skin, making the feeling even more intense.

Durex Play Tingling Lubricant is designed for pleasure-enhancement, making lovemaking a more intensifying experience for both partners. With a sensual minty scent, and long-lasting silicone-based formula, Durex Play Tingling is silky smooth, and can also be used as a massage lotion.

You guys/gals used these before ? Heard from a female friend that these lubricants really offers more than what they usually do.
Not just lubricants anymore!
The Warming one heightens sensation.
Don't know what will the Warming one do to the pussy but as far as i know, it certainly will heighten a great deal of pleasure for the men! Any of the guys here tried the "hot-cold" treatment ? That basically is a blowjob, but with warm OR cold water in the gals mouth while she blows you off! Alternating between the 2 extreme end of the celsius!
The Tingling one offers a cooler touch.
Try blowjobs with an ice cube in your mouth (for the ladies) or place the ice cube on the pussy at the same time you give her it a good slurping!

Do they work ? Any readers tried them before ? Care to comment ?
Gonna get one each and try ! =p

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sex and Making Love

What's the difference between the 2 ?

To me ,

Sex = a carnal urge that needs to be satisfied.
You only have sex to satisfy yourself (and yourself only).

Making love = doing the act with the aim of satisfying your partner, putting his/her enjoyment and sexual satisfaction above yours.

What's your defination my dear readers ? =)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Men use love to get sex, Women use sex to get love.

How many times do I hear girls giving out their heart to guys who only want to get into their pants ? The tell-tale signs are so obvious yet they are oblivious to it... (ok ok, love is blind! I got it..)

-Case study 1. -
Gal with Guy for quite some time.
Guy always tell Gal he gotta work late into the night.
Gal believed.
Gal created a new msn account.
Added Guy.
Guy was online in her "new" account but offline in her own account...
Gal flirt with Guy extensively using the new account.
Guy wanna meet up with Gal for sex.
Gal went offline.
Sometimes when they together, gal would check on his hp.
Guy was careless (or a retard), he never wipe his mouth, don't keep the messages for what fuck.
Guy sms to 2-3 other gals and it seems that they are pretty close, even to the extent that the gals asked him when he wanna fuck again etc.
Gal still don't believe that he strayed, said till she saw with her own eyes.
Gal continue to fuck with Guy without condom, putting herself into unforeseen risks...

-Case Study 2.-
Girl fucks around because she can find temporary love, care and concern in these guys.
ONS is social norm for her.
3some is enjoyable because she likes to suck cock and get fucked at the same time.
Maybe she will go into gangbang soon, who knows ?
Found a Boy.
Boy wanted Girl to be exclusively his but don't want to have an official relationship with her, claiming he just ended a r/ship, don't wanna start one so soon yet.
Girl believed him.
Fucked with him only (almost a nightly affair)
Girl got the looks to die for, a nice figure and really nice big boobs!

Men use love to get sex, Women use sex to get love.
Nice guys finish last.
They don't get to fuck any girls, cause all the bad boys use love to get the sex they want, and all the stupid girls made their so called love.
Ok ok, I admit I am not that innocent afterall (if not how the hell would you find me here ?). I do fuck around when I am single, sex is a need to be satisfy (both ways).
But I don't tell girls that I love them so that I am allowed into their harem.
And I despise men that do that.
"Hey you know something ? I love you!" (at the same time thinking, HOR SEH LIAO! TONIGHT LIM BEI WILL FUCK YOU NICE NICE!)
These kind of people deserve to be strike by lightning and castrated. __|__

If you want the girl to be your fuck buddy and not your significant other half, just tell her so. Playing with her feelings will only hurt her more... trust me... I been there before...