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"I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summers night."


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sympathy with a local girl...

This is a vidcap of a vid i got off a local forum.

It claimed to be a local production, the lead actress from a polytechnic, actor ? unknown... no background information on him, lucky chap, but just as bad, cause his face was shown in the vid as well.

Sure the vid was a nice one, hot and juicy, all the more as it was MADE IN SINGAPORE! I love local home made videos, so i definitely love this one as well.

Devil : Such a nice babe, how nice would it be for me to shove one into her! *evil*
Angel : OMG! What's gonna happen to her ? Singapore is such a small place you know ?

And I hear no more from Mr My-Devil after the holy one had spoken.

Its true, Singapore is such a small country, it takes very very short time for such thing to spread around.. I last heard that she might just get the sack.. Think of the consequences, cause thats not all...

1) Dropout from school
2) How the general public will look at her.
3) How she gonna live her life properly ?
4) Can she find work or go sch again ?

I bet this incident is definitely going to leave a HUGE DEEP scar in her... people will forget this over a few years time.. but can she ?

And damn that friend who was jealous of her and thus stole her camphone.. This vid was found inside her phone.. how careless... so Number 1 lesson learnt! Never ever stored such personal stuff in your phone... You can take with your phone, why not ? But upload to a PC, burn to CD, and delete, then put the CD or watever safely tuck away in some safe place that you can think of...

For once, i really really sympatise with her...

Miss, If you ever came across this blog, Life goes on, there's many ups and downs, but none will bring you down. Just believe in life... believe...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sex ? With feelings ? or it aint needed ?

Were chatting with some friends just now.
Came across the topic of how one of her friend slept with another guy.
The gal claimed that although she had a little feeling for him, she was rather forced into it.
The guy claimed that the gal made an excuse to go up to his place and lure him into the act.
She led the guy's hand to her boobs and everything happens from there.
My friend was saying, if she really don't wanna do it, will she enjoy it, even though she had some feelings for him..
My view is if the girl had a little feeling (even a tiny wee bit) for the guy, she will be tempted, she can resist at first and even fight back, but if she is ever TEMPTED, that's it, she will start to give in and ask for more.
But if she did successfully fought back, then that's KO for the guy already.

So the point to me is, temptation, and not totally feelings...
With a little (just a very little) feelings (even if it is just a good impression) you can enjoy sex (of course with feelings it will be a much more enjoyable affair for the both of you), but it is much harder if you don't fancy the partner AT ALL! No amount of temptation will help I think..

And I was kinda turn on by the conversation just now, my mind even drifted off, thinking about how it feels when my dick slides in a wet wet pussy, how the walls felt against the skin of my manhood~ Oh no~ Gotta mast man, no sex tonight! =/

What about you ?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Beast at work!

Read The New Paper a few days back, and it's headline was about this 24 year old guy who raped a 67 year old woman and sodomised a 16 (or was it 15?) year old virgin...

He must had been driven beyond saneness (and probably ran out of cold hard cash for the $40 sessions in Geylang) to commit something as shameful and as cold-blooded as these...
What kind of man will ever prey on the old, young and defenceless ones...
A 67 year old woman (or even man) could not possibly defend herself against a young able man, and of course, not to mention the 16 year old student..

Have you ever wonder what this can mean to the future of the victims ? It will leave a scar that will never ever be healed, and definitely turned their world upside down, inside out...
The old auntie probably left with a decade or two, will have to leave with the pain of getting rape at such an old age... can she take it ? Her old body might not even survive the ordeal...
And the 16 year old virgin ? Most probably she's keeping it for the one (not only the front, but the back as well...), but now ? Just because of a man who needs to have his cravings satisfied, he completely ruined her life.. Sex will never be the same for her again... or will there even be sex anymore ?

Sometimes I just can't understand the mentality of rapist, when a mere $40 can get you a shot at orgasm, and if you build up on that r/ship, you might even get a whole lot more next time, than rather commit this kind of shameful thing..
I admit that it can be thrilling, exciting, and I will never ever forget that kind of feeling (quite similar to having sex in public I presume), but it aint never worth it to do something like that...

I will never forgive myself if I ever commit this kinda nonsense...

I love all kinds of sex, but never the kind whereby I need to force myself onto someone.. If you don't respect her, at the very least, respect yourself...