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"I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summers night."


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

S$38000 for 31 times of sex!

Read this piece of hilarious article two days back from The New Paper, i will briefly touch on what it said -

"A Malaysian woman was awarded RM$87000 (S$38000) by the Ipoh court because her partner had broken his promise to marry her.
She had sex with the guy 31 times as she believed that he wanted to marry her.
She METICULOUSLY kept records of where and how many times they had sex!!!
Guy insist that they were only friends!"

So never ever break your promise to marry a gal, thinking that you can use the sacred name of LOVE to get into her holey grail!
Never ever do that !

But this came as a big surprise to me, I am still wondering how an Islamic country like Malaysia will push out a sentence of this sort, for a moment i thought only the US of A gives out such controversial sentence ? hmmmm...

So gals, it makes sense to remember (and take down) the number of times and where you had sex with the guy, maybe you will get more other than the sex! (ok i am KIDDING here! so please FORGET this part! ) =P