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"I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summers night."


Thursday, May 31, 2007

No bra day with the muttons~

Believed many of you should have heard about this programme by now.
If not basically this is a radio programme, and AFAIK so far, the FHM GND finalists had participated in it before.
Taking off their bra in the show LIVE, seeing which gal has the fastest pair of hairs!
Of course to protect their modesty, all other clothings remain! No nudity! =)

Read in the papers today that the programme was fined for its contents.
So called lewd and low-class, without taste, etc.

Whether you like it or not, sex and nudity is nothing new to the current generation.

Premarital sex ? TICKED.
Fuck Buddy ? TICKED
*Threesome ? TICKED
*Orgy ? TICKED
*Gangbang ? TICKED

*=not for me though.. =/

It is not something astonishing if someone you knew had experience in all the above.
I myself did not! haha.
But I know of friends that been there done that.

So stop acting like some holy motherfuckers~ and pretend that you are so innocent and pure!
Face the reality mates!
This is the CURRENT Singapore.

So what's with the "No Bra Day" fine ? I don't get it... Its nothing astonishing... ain't it ?